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Laser Flash is a futuristic game of tag, played with high tech vests and phasers! Game SESSIONS are 40 minutes long, including a briefing on how play and 3 Games of laser tag! Up to 42 players can enter our 7,800 square foot multi-level arena at the same time! You can play with up to FOUR teams! Game SESSIONS start 20 minutes after the hour and 10 minutes before the top of the hour. You should arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to the start of your SESSION to sign in your Code Name.

Most Advanced Laser Tag in Indiana:

The LT-12 laser tag system and the way we operate the laser tag games here at Laser Flash results in a laser tag experience that is far superior to any other laser tag arena in Indianapolis and throughout central Indiana.

The following features are unique to Laser Flash:

  1. Each player creates their own codename which will appear on the scoring monitors and on your score sheets.
  2. Customized score sheets are printed after each session detailing your individual performance.
  3. Sessions are 40-minutes long with three games in each session. Our sessions are at least twice as long as all other laser tag places.
  4. Immediately after each session, scores are automatically emailed to each player.
  5. The history of all your scores are available online using the number on the back of yoru game card.
  6. Every player can use rapid fire anytime and anywhere in the game. You can even use rapid fire the entire game. No need to tag special targets to obtain rapid fire.
  7. Games are team-based and fast paced.
  8. Games are always different and lively with our 12 different CHIPS modes. Other places use the same boring free-for-all style games all the time where you get deactivated for 5 seconds every time you get tagged.
  9. The vest has five vibrators - one associated with each target area. This lets players intuitively know from which direction they were tagged.


A high-tech computer generated animation video explains how to operate the laser tag gear before each laser tag session. A closed caption version is always available. If you prefer to view the closed caption version, just ask the referee when you enter the Briefing Room.

Phaser display
Now Playing:
Choose Your Own Mode
Every play can choose their own mode any time, anywhere in the arena.
When you are ready to use a special mode:
  1. Pull and hold the trigger without pressing any other buttons
  2. When the mode selection screen appears use your 2 front buttons to scroll though the list and select a mode
  3. When you've selected the mode you want to activate release your trigger
It's that easy, your special mode will be instantly activated.

Choose from these five modes:
Super Rapid-Fire
Freeze Ray

Each player may activate up to three modes per game.

Game Types

Standard Game of Laser Flash:

The standard format of Laser Flash is a 40-minute SESSION that includes a briefing on how to play the game, getting the gear on and off, and a three 8-minute Games of laser tag. During the Game you will have 80 laser pulses and 15 energy levels, when you run out of either you recharge and instantly rejoin the game!

Why We Play Recharge Games

Free-For-All Games:

Free-For-All games are played without recharging stations. During the game you will have unlimited laser pulses and unlimited energy levels. Whenever you are tagged in a Free-For-All game you will have shields that will protect you from being tagged for 5 seconds. You will not be able to tag others while your shields are up!

There are also two, three, and even four team formats that use shields instead of the recharge stations!

Free-for-all with shields style games are generally not as much fun as team-based, recharge style games using our 12 advanced CHIPS modes. Most other laser tag places only play free-for-all shields style games. In such a game, a good player can follow a less experienced player around and keep the other player deactivated for most of the game.

Laser Tag Power-Ups:

CHIPS (Competitive Human Interactive Player Software) adds greater variety and fun to standard games at Laser Flash. The game computer randomly shooses players to receive special power ups during the game. Laser tag games may have 1 or 2 or 3 different CHIPS.

Meet the CHIPS

Deactivator - Ability to deactivate your opponents vest with a single tag. Tagging an opponent once with deactivator will require your opponent to return to the energizer or recharge in place.

Energizer - Ability to energize your teams vest with a single tag. This is the only time at Laser Flash where it's to your advantage to tag your own team members. The Energizer player acts just like a mobile recharging unit.

Stealth - Impervious to all tags until you fire your phaser or the mode expires. Exiting this mode will leave your vest fully energized. Stealth allows a laser tag player to sneak around the arena to the best location.

Super Rapid-Fire - Ability to fire your phaser at incredible speeds. Everybody loves rapid fire in laser tag and the Super Rapid Fire mode is rapid fire on steroids.

Freeze-Ray - Ability to disable your opponent's vest with a freeze ray that leaves them frozen for five seconds. Frozen laser tag players cannot fire their phaser, but they can still be tagged.

Invincible - Impervious to all tags for a set time period. Invincible is one of the most powerful modes.

Force-Field - Impervious to all tags when you are not firing your phaser. Force-Field players drop their force field and can be tagged whenever they fire their phaser.

Deflector - Ability to deflect all incoming laser tag pulses to the player that was attempting to tag you. When multiple simultaneous modes are activated, players deflectors can deflect mode tags like deactivator and energizer, too.

Computer Virus - Ability to infect and disable your opponents vest with a single tag. Laser tag players infected by the virus must recharge.

Spy - Ability to change your team colors and infiltrate the opposing team. Spy's flash their true team colors only when they are tagged by the opposing team. Laser tag players on the spy's own team cannot tag the spy.

Invisible - Turns pack lights off so opposing players can't easily see or identify the invisible laser tag player. The player's lights will flash when they fire their phaser.

Bonus - Ability to increase the points scored from any tag. Bonus players receive a bonus score for all bases and opposing players they tag.

Role Playing and Exotic Game Formats

The versatility of the Lasertron LT-11.5 game software allows us to customize many special game formats which are available during certain times such as an over-night lock-in or on Tuesday Game Night. Below are some of our popular special game formats.


When players are eliminated they wait on the sideline until an opposing player is deactivated before they can return to the game.


One or more players start out as a vampire (Blue team) and they try to tag and deactivate players on the Red team. When a Red team member is deactivated, they become a vampire. Vampires can be temporarily deactivated but they cannot be stopped!

Red Rover

Any player that is deactivated automatically switches to the other team.


When a player is deactivated they must exit the arena. Last player or team wins the game.

Spy vs Spy

There are 4 teams in the arena. However, the Red and Yellow players can only tag each other and the Blue and Green players can only tag each other. To make things even more interesting, the Spy mode is active during this game.


A game of accuracy.

Protect the President

Each team has one special player they must protect. The object of the game is to tag the special player on the opposing team.

Name Your Game

You may choose the laser tag game format you will play when you call and make an ADVANCED RESERVATION and you are the first reservation in your time slot. You may select any of the above CHIPS modes, or a Free-For-All style game, or a 2 X 2 style game.

The restrictions and procedures for Naming Your Game are:

  • You must call ahead and make an advance reservation and you must choose your game format at the time you make your reservation. This option is not available without a reservation. Let the manager know when you call to make your reservation that you want "Name Your Game".
  • You must be the first reservation in your time slot.
  • If you are late for your reservation or move your reservation you lose your selection.
  • If you are reserving multiple sessions you may choose your game format for only one of those sessions.
  • Choice of game formats is limited to CHIPS modes and free-for-all (non-role playing games).


A theatrical fog machine is used to produce a light fog in the arena. The purpose of the fog is to illuminate the laser beams. The laser beams scatter slightly off of the water molecules in the air and this creates the special effect of a visible laser beam from the tip of your phaser to your target. Without the water droplets in the air the laser beams would be invisible and the only thing you would see would be the red dot on your target. At Laser Flash we believe the fog should be invisible and only the laser beams should light up. So we keep the fog to the minimum level to achieve this special effect. If you cannot see the fog but you can see the laser beams then the fog level is just right.

If yuo have asthma you should exercise caution when playing in an area where fog is in use.

Important Things to Know:

  • Laser tag is suitable for ages 7 and up. Young children will be not be allowed to play laser tag.
  • You must purchase a session of laser tag to enter the arena. If a child needs a parent to accompany them, then that child is too young to play laser tag.
  • We want everyone to have fun, but not at someone else's expense. Your group cannot expect to all be on the same team as this may unbalance the teams and be unfair to other customers. Besides, it's more fun to tag your friends.
  • Shoes, socks, and shirts are required to play laser tag.
  • Theatrical fog and strobe lights are in use in the laser tag arena.
  • We gladly accept reservations for any size group.

Call for reservations:
☎ (317) 571-1677

No outside food, cake, drinks, or party supplies are permitted in Laser Flash

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