• Sessions last 40-minutes with three games of laser tag in each session.
  • Some or all of your sessions may be saved for future dates.
  • Sessions are not transferable. Multiple session packages must be played by the same person.
  • Up to 42 players can play at the same time in the largest laser tag arena in Indiana.
  • Arrival on either the hour or half hour gives you the right amount of time to get signed in and registered to play in the next scheduled session


Laser Flash is the only place where every customer gets to create their own codename which will appear on the scoring monitors and the customized score sheets. This type of customization enhances the customers’ experience and socializing. Laser Flash has eight dedicated kiosks with customized software for this purpose.


While all brands of laser tag systems support printing score sheets, Laser Flash is the only one that routinely prints score sheets for all players. This is an essential feature in facilitating socializing as players compare their scores and individual statistics such as how many times each player was tagged by another player.

Emailed Score Sheets

When the laser tag referee presses the button to print score sheets at the end of each session, the game computer automatically emails scores to those players who provided their email address at the kiosks. The emailed scores are in addition to the printed score sheets and have built-in links for social sharing.

Online Scores

When the laser tag referee presses the button to print score sheets at the end of each session, the game computer automatically uploads all scores to the Laser Flash website. The high scores for the day, the week, the month, and the year are automatically displayed on the website. Any player can access the history of all their scores online using the number on their free membership card. The online scores have built-in links for social sharing.

Multiple Game Formats

The rich set of features and options in Lasertron software enables Laser Flash to create and save custom game formats. A variety of game formats increases repeat play appeal. Laser Flash can even customize games for special clients and events. Laser Flash has created a popular team building program that is more than just “play therapy” where you hope to achieve some bonding by going in and playing a random game of laser tag. The Laser Flash team building program consists of a sequence of 5 different games.

Each successive game requires more communications and cooperation within each team to outscore their opponents. In between each game, participants examine their score sheets from the previous game, a short explanation of the purpose of the game is given by the moderator followed by a description of the next game format. Teams are then given maps of the arena and a few minutes to plan their strategy before playing the next game.

Choose Your Own Mode

In 2014, Lasertron introduced a new feature that totally redefines the way we play laser tag games. Games are programmed to enable every player to choose their own special power-up anytime during the game, anywhere in the arena. Players can develop strategies with teammates by selecting modes that work well in tandem.

Special Modes & Power Ups

Lasertron has 12 different modes or power-ups that can be activated for players throughout the game in a random fashion. These modes include things like “Spy” where the lights on a player’s vest temporarily turns to the other team’s color. However, when a player fires their phaser while in Spy mode, their true colors will flash. Games can be programmed one of two of these modes are randomly assigned to players throughout the game. These modes keep the games exciting and players need to change strategy on the fly based on the their current mode.

Rapid Fire Available All the Time

Almost all laser tag equipment uses some method to force players to have both hand on their phaser for safety reasons. Lasertron has two safety buttons at the front of the phaser. Player must depress at least one of those buttons to operate the phaser. When a player holds down both buttons, the phaser has rapid fire capability. Every player can use rapid fire anytime they want, anywhere in the arena. A player can use rapid fire the entire game.

Recharge Style Game Format

Laser Flash usually plays a game format where players have a limited number of laser pulses (shots) and energy levels (lives). Once either of these reach zero, the player must walk back to one of their recharge stations, walk by the recharge station, and then the player is instantly recharged and back in the game. Nearly every other laser tag location in Indiana uses a shields style game. With a shields style game, a player’s vest is temporarily deactivated for 3 to 7 seconds each and every time they are tagged. A recharge style game has many distinct advantages:

Faster Pace, More Exciting
Players can continue to tag each other multiple times in a recharge game until one of them is finally tagged out. In a shields game the action stops for a player each and every time they are tagged.
More Play Time
The time to walk back to a recharge station is less than the sum of the time a player will spend deactivated in a shields game.
Prevents Following
In a shields game an experienced player could follow a less experienced player and keep them deactivated for most of the game. In a recharge game a single tag does not disable the less experienced player. Even if a player tried to follow another player, they would eventually run out of laser pulses and be forced to return to their own recharge station.
Prevents Camping
In a shields game a player could find spot in the arena that dominates the entire arena and no other player could dislodge that player. In a recharge game, the player would eventually run out of laser pulses or energy levels and be forced to return to their own recharge station

Multiple Short Games per Session

Laser Flash uses three 8-minute games within a 40-minute session. Each laser tag game should be 8 to 12 minutes in length. Less than 8 minutes and players do not get sufficient opportunity to develop a winning strategy. More than 12 minutes and the game tends to get tedious.

Team Based Games

Laser Flash usually play team based games which enhances socializing afterwards while comparing scores. All other local laser tag centers use a simple free-for-all shields style game format.

Multiple Chances to Win
With multiple short games, players have multiple chances of being on the winning team for at least one of the games in the session. With a single game per session, half of the players are losers unless you are playing a free-for-all game where all but one player are losers.
Opportunity to Improve
Players typically improve their scores over the course of the multiple games within a session. With a single game per session, a new player could become discouraged after one poor performance and decide against playing again.


Sessions last 40-minutes with three games of laser tag in each session. Sessions are not transferable. Multiple session packages must be played by the same person on the same day.


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No outside food or drinks are permitted in Laser Flash.