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Advantages of Membership

Laser Flash membership card

Everyone who plays Laser Flash is given a free membership card and required to agree to the rules of Laser Flash prior to playing by registering their card at one of our 8 membership terminals.

Code Names:

When you register your membership card you may create your own personal code name. Your code name will appear on the scoring monitors in the arena and on your personalized score sheet at the end of the game.

Code names can be up to 11 characters long. They do not have to be unique. You may change your code name each time you play or you may keep the same code name. Laser Flash reserves the right to delete or change any code name that our staff deems obscene or offensive.

Laser Flash gift card

Gift Cards:

Your membership card can also be used as a gift card. A gift card can be purchased for any dollar amount. You may present this gift card to anyone you wish. When that person brings the gift card in, they use it as their membership card and may redeem the money stored on that card.

When you purchase a gift card, you can assign that card to a specific person or you may leave it as a generic gift card.

Deposit Cards:

The gift card feature also means that you may store money on any existing membership card for future use. Parents may prefer the security of putting money on a child's account rather than giving them the cash. If a membership card is lost a new card can be issued for the same account.

Coupons and Discounts:

Members may receive coupons in the mail for discounts and free games of laser tag. Coupons are usually mailed just before your birthday.


Young players are frequently at Laser Flash without their parents. It's nice to have a home address and telephone number in case an emergency should arise.


When you call to make a reservation of any kind we first seach our membership database for your telephone number. This speeds the registration process by automatically filling the reservation with the address from your membership.

Arcade Play and Prize Points:

Your membership card is also the same card you will use to play arcade games. After loading money on your membership card, simply swipe your card at any reader mounted on an arcade game to play it. The prize points you will will automatically go onto your membership card. Take your membership card to the prize counter to exchange your points for prizes.

Player Stats:

Future software enhancements will allow players to view their own statistics and high scores from the membership terminals.

Frequent Player Rewards:

Another exciting enhancement planned for the membership software is the ability to earn rewards by playing laser tag. Players may be able to earn free games of laser tag or pizza by frequently using their membership card.

Membership Procedures

Step 1: Purchase a session of laser tag

Each time you purchase a session of laser tag, every player will need a membership card. If you already have a membership card, present it to the cashier at the time you make your purchase. If you do not have a membership card with you the cashier will give you a fresh card. The cashier will activate your membership card by swiping it into the session that you purchase.

Step 2: Confirm your registration

After you pay for your session of laser tag take your membership card to one of the 3 membership terminals and swipe it in the barcode reader. Make sure the barcode is facing you.

If this is a fresh membership card you will need to fill in the requested information including your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and code name.

If this is an existing membership card your current information will be displayed. You may change your code name at this time.

After filling in all the required information press the ENTER key until you get to the 2nd page with the waiver. At the bottom of the waiver type the word "YES" in the space provided and press the ENTER key to indicate that you accept the waiver and agree to follow the safety rules.

Safety Rules:
Walk at all Times
Do not Climb
Do not Lie Down
No Physical Contact
Do not Chew Gum
No Vulgar Language
Obey your Referee

After accepting the waiver you will see your picture on screen as seen by the webcam mounted above the monitor. Center your smiling face and press the ENTER key to record your photo.

The time of your laser tag session will then be displayed on the screen. Check the clock by the Game Portal to see how much time you have before the start of your session. If you ever forget your play time just repeat this confirmation step.

Step 3: Save your membership card

Write your name on the back of your membership card and save it for your next visit to Laser Flash. Pens are available at the membership terminals.

Reverse side of Laser Flash membership card

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a membership card, why am I given a new one?

If you already have a membership card bring it with you when you come to play laser tag. Give your card to the cashier to activate it for the session you purchased. If you forgot your card or have lost it then you will need to create a new membership with a fresh card.

What happens if I create multiple memberships?

The membership software periodically merges accounts with identical names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of birth. Prior to the merges you will have separate membership accounts each with its own membership card. After the merges you should have a single membership account that can be accessed with any of your membership cards.

I lost my membership card, can I get a new one?

The next time you purchase a session of laser tag you will be given a free replacement for your lost membership card.

Why do I have to enter my address and telephone number and date of birth?

This information is required to confirm that you agree to play by the rules at Laser Flash. This is required for insurance purposes.

What if I do not know my address or telephone number?

Every child old enough to play Laser Flash is old enough to learn their address and telephone number. For safety reasons, parents should teach their school age children to know thier own address and telephone number.

Do I have to agree to the waiver?

Yes. Everyone playing laser tag at Laser Flash must agree to the waiver.

Does Laser Flash share or sell this information?

No. Laser Flash uses this information only for its internal mailing list and reservation procedures. The information is never sold to any outside organization. On rare occassions specific information might be shared with law enforcement agencies.

Do I have to enter my e-mail address?

No. Though this field appears on the membership reqistration page it is not required information. If you enter your e-mail address you will receive a confirmation e-mail asking you to verify that you wish to receive free e-mail coupons and promotions from Laser Flash.

Does my code name have to be unique?

No. Your code name can be the same as someone else in the membership database or even the same as someone else in the session you are playing. Access to your account is by name or telephone number - not code name.

How often can I change my code name?

Before your laser tag session begins you may swipe your membership card and change your code name. Remember to proceed to page 2 and type "yes" at the bottom of the waiver for your new code name to take effect.

When I swipe my membership card it says "See Attendant". What does this mean?

It means that the card you have is not active for any future session of laser tag. Perhaps you have not purchased your session of laser tag. Take your card to the front counter and the staff will be happy to straighten things out.

What if I cannot think of a code name?

You can always type in your first name or your initials.

I have money or tickets on my account but I have lost my membership card. How can I access my account?

See a manager at the front counter. You will probably need to show some ID. The photo in your account will be checked by the manager to verify your identity. A new membership card can be assigned to an existing account.

If I lose my membership card can I keep someone else from using it to access my account?

See a manager at the front counter. You will probably need to show some ID. The photo in your account will be checked by the manager to verify your identity. An existing membership card can be erased from an account.

I forgot what time I play, where can I find this information?

Take your membership card to the membership terminals and swipe it just like you were registering for the session. At the very end it will display your playing time.

How long before my session starts?

A large digital clock is located by the membership terminals and the Game Portal. This clock automatically sychronizes itself with the national time standard.

I missed my game, can I reschedule?

It depends on how full the next session is. Take your membership card to a manager at the front counter and they will assist you.

There's 2 minutes before the next game, can my group buy into it?

No. Sessions are closed 10 minutes before their start time to give each player adequate time to register their membership card. If some members of your group need fresh membership cards or are paying individually there is not enough time to add them to the next game.

I have a membership, why didn't I receive a coupon for my birthday?

There are many possbile reasons. Perhaps your address or birthdate in the database is incorrect. Perhaps your membership was created after the date that the mailing list was generated. Coupons are usually sent only to members between ages 7 and 12.

Important Things to Know:

  • Laser tag is suitable for ages 7 and up. Young children will be not be allowed to play laser tag.
  • You must purchase a session of laser tag to enter the arena. If a child needs a parent to accompany them, then that child is too young to play laser tag.
  • Shoes, socks, and shirts are required to play laser tag.
  • Theatrical fog and strobe lights are in use in the laser tag arena.
  • We gladly accept reservations for any size group.

Call for reservations:
☎ (317) 571-1677

No outside food, cake, drinks, or party supplies are permitted in Laser Flash

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