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Wedding Planning Fun

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

There are multiple ways to host a bachelor or bachelorette party at Laser Flash.

  1. You may just drop in or make a reservation to play some laser tag during our regular hours, or
  2. You may choose the popular Hassle Free Party package, or
  3. Put together an event during one of our special play times. We call this second option a Build A Bash, or
  4. The ultimate 4-hour party is a Super Bash from 8:00 p.m. to midnight on a Friday or Saturday, or
  5. You may rent Laser Flash exclusively for an after hours Overnight Lock-In.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Combine your rehearsal dinner with some great fun that is customized for creating bonds between the two families.

Laser Flash can cater your dinner with a variety of choices. Before your dinner gets started, we've designed some custom games for your entire wedding party.

  1. The Mixer: We start out with the bride's family on one team and the groom's family on the other team. Throughout the game, the computer will randomly switch players between teams. You never know how many times you may switch sides or which team you will end up on at the end. This game is a great ice breaker and sure to bring on a lot of laughs.
  2. Win Them Over: The second game again starts out with the two families on opposite teams. Each time you tag out a player from the other team, they become part of your team. See if one team can win over all the players from the other team.
  3. Support the Couple: Your big day is not really about winning people over from one family to another. Its about family and friends coming together to support the bride and groom. In this final game, the bride and groom start on one team and everyone else starts on the second team. Each time the a player is tagged out from the second team they permanently move over to the bride's and groom's team. Can the couple win everyone over to their side before time runs out?

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Downloads available:

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Call for reservations:
☎ (317) 571-1677

No outside food, cake, drinks, or party supplies are permitted in Laser Flash

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